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15 Nov 16 New Yorkers tend to work through lunch

It’s been a few months since we’ve launched our new Gmail Meter platform and we’re very thankful for your support and feedback during our critical early stages. In the last couple of months, we have stabilized the platform and optimized our implementation of Google APIs. Finally, we are now ready to start sharing with you some of what we’re learning about email usage. Introductory disclaimer Before doing so, we want to be clear about the nature of the data and metrics that...

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09 Feb 16 The Importance of Analytics for your Web Application

Last month, we were excited to announce the formation of the Gmail Meter team. Since then, our team jumped right into the analytics (or lack thereof) and we immediately realized how important it was to have these analytics in place before considering things like growth or new product features. We have a pretty strong commitment to freedom of information and transparency, so in this first series of blog posts, we plan on sharing some of the lessons that we are learning...

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