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26 Sep 17 Our premium Gmail Meter and how to get it for free

Thanks to all for your support of our new Gmail Meter since our relaunch a year ago. We have been closely listening to your feedback and are now excited to announce the next step in our email analytics tool - the premium version of Gmail Meter! By building this new version of Gmail Meter, we plan to tackle a problem in the workplace that our users have been routinely notifying us of. Both managers and team members alike report that there...

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03 Mar 16 Collaborating Internationally through Google Apps

Something that you’re probably not aware of about our company ShuttleCloud is that we have offices in both Madrid, Spain and Chicago, IL. Now for the record, this amounts to a seven hour time difference which we have to work around every day. While it should be no surprise that we are completely reliant on Google Apps for working together - yes, we do check in daily using Google Hangouts and yes, everything is saved to the Google’s cloud - the...

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