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24 Aug 16 Gmail Meter now supports send-as aliases

It has been some time since our last blog post - our apologies for the delay, but we wanted to take the time now to share some great news! First though, I wanted to start off with a bit of a history lesson on Gmail Meter. The legacy Gmail Meter was originally built off of the Google Apps Script platform (our personal thoughts on it here). The Apps Script platform was intended as a scripting language, maintained by Google, that allowed...

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26 Apr 16 RE: The New Gmail Meter

We recently added a new notification to our signup flow. In fact, many of you reading may have even been directed here straight from that very page. If so, then you know that we are keenly aware of the current state of our Gmail Meter report. With some embarrassment, and a fair share of humility, we admit that our Gmail Meter script currently just does not work as intended. (If you’re curious of the reasons, we’ve previously written about our ongoing...

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26 Feb 16 Why we’re Moving off Apps Script

If you’re a current user of Gmail Meter, you are might know that this month we got a bit more practice apologizing than we anticipated. And if you’ve contacted us about the error messages, you’ll know that these messages that a good portion of you have received are almost completely out of our control. That may not seem like the best response to these inquiries, so I wanted to take some extra time to explain what exactly is going on here. Google...

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