The Gmail Meter Team is Formed

ShuttleCloud is excited to announce that we have recently dedicated two of our most senior employees to focus exclusively on building a new Gmail Meter team. Our goal is to bring you a simple and robust statistical tool that will assist you in managing both your personal email and your professional email habits. We believe that data and knowledge are absolutely essential to making smart decisions on your productivity.

Any discussion of Gmail Meter needs to begin first with credit to the original creator of the tool – Romain Vialard, currently a Senior Product Manager at Revevol. Romain is also a Google Apps Script Top Contributor, and has created other products such as Yet Another Mail Merge, which we use quite often.

With that said, our plans are to move Gmail Meter off the existing Google Apps Script platform in order to build a version that can aggregate data and statistics across an entire domain. This new version will leverage Google’s OAuth2.0 protocol for authorization and their Gmail API for data analysis. While we may require some patience, we aim to ultimately build a better product for our users!

Still, the current Google Apps Script version of Gmail Meter will continue to be available as a free version. We will continue to support and also make enhancements as need arises, but the focus will be on the new Gmail Meter platform.

We’re excited for the New Year and our Gmail Meter team’s path, and we hope you are as well. Please feel free to share any comments, suggestions, or thoughts you may have directly with our Gmail Meter team at

In the meantime, feel free to check out the current Google Apps Script version of our Gmail analytics tool and cheers to 2016!

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