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26 Feb 16 Why we’re Moving off Apps Script

If you’re a current user of Gmail Meter, you are might know that this month we got a bit more practice apologizing than we anticipated. And if you’ve contacted us about the error messages, you’ll know that these messages that a good portion of you have received are almost completely out of our control. That may not seem like the best response to these inquiries, so I wanted to take some extra time to explain what exactly is going on here. Google...

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19 Feb 16 Who Cares about Gmail Analytics?

In our last post, we began the discussion on the importance of data and analytics from a very high level. We focused primarily on how our users were signing up and the friction our users were experiencing during the initial activation process. Today, we’ll be briefly covering our customer development process. If you’re unfamiliar, customer development is a term, coined by Steve Blank, that refers the general process of learning more about your customers or potential customers. Since Blank’s initial publication...

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09 Feb 16 The Importance of Analytics for your Web Application

Last month, we were excited to announce the formation of the Gmail Meter team. Since then, our team jumped right into the analytics (or lack thereof) and we immediately realized how important it was to have these analytics in place before considering things like growth or new product features. We have a pretty strong commitment to freedom of information and transparency, so in this first series of blog posts, we plan on sharing some of the lessons that we are learning...

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20 Jan 16 The Gmail Meter Team is Formed

ShuttleCloud is excited to announce that we have recently dedicated two of our most senior employees to focus exclusively on building a new Gmail Meter team. Our goal is to bring you a simple and robust statistical tool that will assist you in managing both your personal email and your professional email habits. We believe that data and knowledge are absolutely essential to making smart decisions on your productivity. Any discussion of Gmail Meter needs to begin first with credit to...

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